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Alexandra Hayden was born in New York City, was raised around people with
taste, and conversations about it. From a young age, these influences shaped
her view of the world around her, and formed an impulse for design.

The daughter of noted interior and architectural designer Carol Hayden, she
inherited a love of design, of history, of detail, of the preferentially seamless
interaction between the exterior and interior worlds.

At 23 she abandoned her classes at Parsons and her total immersion in the
wildest moments of nightlife in her hometown, and fled to Los Angeles in search of reinvention. She found it vis-à-vis opening her own interior design firm on the west coast, at the age of 24.

Some twenty years later, Alexandra's passion for design has only grown with her
firm, now located in NYC with projects in many ports of call, all the years of
experience and exposure, experiment and travels. She feels blessed by a career that has been an opportunity to collaborate with some of the finest hearts and minds in the world, and create homes for them.

Alexandra believes that each home is a curation of sentiments, a mirror of the
emotional place we wish to exist in, a reflection of a soul. She knows that the
alchemy of space can transform an entire existence, and this is why she
practices her craft.




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Beyond his consuming passion for visual and spatial arts, Kyle manages to find time to both practice flying trapeze and model for live drawing studios. He fell for interior design at an early age, drafting floor plans, imagining furniture, and generally evaluating the potential of any given space.

Raised among the Adirondacks, Kyle’s mother managed the Blue Lagoon Resort, an heirloom cabin retreat along Lake George, while his father dealt in antiques. Naturally, Kyle grew up loving all things eclectic.

A Pratt Institute alumnus—as his great-great-grandfather was before him—Kyle
was immersed into the world of fine arts and interior design. During his tenure, Kyle came to foster a passion for diagramming, the symbolic representation of
information. It was only a matter of time, then, that Kyle would develop a special
affinity for symbology over syntax.

Working at Octave Studio, Kyle's journey further into the realm of interior design
has been nothing but pure passion for collaboration. Kyle was drawn to Octave
Studio for its principle that all people are capable of inspiration and harmony. Given the freedom of full expression, Kyle has found his place creating spaces capable of anything.

Kyle's aesthetic could best be described as a treehouse replete with pillows, smooth tones, and natural light—everything in its place. Kyle finds his inspiration through honest interaction, each output design being unique to its client, location, style, or individual taste. To constantly elaborate new perspectives on architecture and interior design is Kyle’s ultimate aim.