Like a system of Octaves, good design should both elevate and ground- all at once marrying cosiness and comfort with flight and fancy; experience with encounter. This philosophy of paradox and eternity creates a freedom of aesthetic that suits their clients individual needs. Founded in 2003, Octave Studio creates atmospheres known for their intuitive reflection of the client, reverence for the inherent beauty of the existing architecture, and the natural surroundings of the home. With both art and design, each space has the freedom and movement of the passionately eclectic, incorporating many custom pieces that are created to embellish the uniqueness of each space. Octave Studio is proud to include in their client base both heads of state and heads of household, academy award winners and agents of change, olympians and eccentrics.




Alexandra Hayden was born in New York City, raised around people with taste, and conversations about it. From a young age, these influences shaped her view of the world around her, and formed an impulse for design. The daughter of noted interior and architectural designer Carol Hayden, she inherited a love of design, of history, of detail, of the preferentially seamless interaction between the exterior and interior worlds.

At 23 she abandoned her classes at Parsons and her total immersion in the wildest moments of nightlife in the city, and fled to Los Angeles in search of reinvention. She found it vis-à-vis opening her own interior design firm on the west coast, at the age of 24.

Some twenty years later, Alexandra's passion for design has only grown with her firm, now located in NYC with projects in many ports of call, all the years of experience and exposure, experiment and travels. She feels blessed by a career that has been an opportunity to collaborate with some of the finest hearts and minds in the world, and create homes for them.

Alexandra believes that each home is a curation of sentiments, a mirror of the emotional place we wish to exist in, a reflection of a soul. She knows that the alchemy of space can transform an entire existence, and this is why she practices her craft.




Born and raised in Iloilo City, Philippines, Ina's passion for interior design stems from her early beginnings. Growing up, she obsessively built houses out of Legos and was constantly drafting interior and exterior sketches of homes. She grew up in the ancestral home built by her grandfather and designed by her uncle, who serves as her primary design mentor: “I grew up reading his old Architectural Digest magazine staring at one specific ad - the New York Design Center building - Reading the magazine was such a beacon of light; I knew that one day I would be living and working in NYC.”

In 2001, Ina graduated with a degree in Interior Design from Assumption College in the Philippines. Her experiences include working with architectural and design firms in Manila and subsequently earning her license. She was also commissioned to design the San Diego Pro Cathedral dome in Silay which is one of the biggest domes in Asia that can still be seen today.

Moving to New York in 2005, Ina furthered her studies at the New York School of Visual Arts and began working with Mae Vela of Inner Structures. This opened a series of  opportunities for Ina which included the curating of furniture for an Italian retail store at the Salone del Mobile in Milan .

Now working under the guidance of noted designer Alexandra Hayden, Ina has learned the importance of psychology and empathy as she works with clients to transform spaces that she never before could have imagined. Having passion for work in both the US and Asia, Ina’s design work and philosophy is inspired by a world-view and  sensibility of “weaving cultures” that transcend time and international datelines.